A Complete Guide on How to Score in Pickleball


Seasoned pickleball players understand that knowing how to score in pickleball is crucial to being the winning team or player, either for serious play or recreational play. This post will explore the official pickleball rules on scoring and how it applies to both singles pickleball and doubles pickleball play so that experienced players can sharpen their skills and novices can confidently join in. We’ll cover everything from keeping score to how to score in pickleball to practice scoring so that you can confidently start playing or continue playing to improve your game.

You’ll learn about rally scoring, odd scores, and how to determine which team serves first. Additionally, we’ll go over what happens when a player or team loses their serve or hits the ball out of bounds. By the end of this post, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of pickleball scoring and be ready to dominate on the court!

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Understanding Pickleball Scoring

Pickleball scoring is based on the same principles as tennis but with a few key differences. In doubles play, each player serves twice in a row before switching sides. Players must not serve in the non-volley zone

The server must call out their serve passes every time they hit it to ensure that both teams know who the serving player is.

At the outset of each game, one member from both squads will be given as the even side while the rest are set on the odd side.

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In singles play, similar rules apply, with one key difference. Here, players alternate hitting after each point until one team’s score reaches 11 points and wins outrightly. It’s important to note that during gameplay, players’ positions can change depending on which team has scored last – this means keeping track of the score becomes more complicated when playing singles.

To win a game of pickleball, you need to maintain at least a two-point lead over your opponents before winning outrightly – if either team scores 10 points, then it’s back to deuce (where both teams have an equal amount of points).

To ensure everyone is aware of the score and to keep track of it accurately, it helps all four players to call out “score” after every point. Having an official referee or line judge present can also help reduce confusion and guarantee fair play throughout matches. Additionally, having someone tally up scores manually or using an app like PickScore can simplify tracking progress during pickleball games and ensure everyone stays informed about current standings and current scores throughout the competition.

Fathoming the points-tallying of pickleball may appear befuddling initially, yet with a bit of practice scoring and information, you’ll soon become accustomed to it. Now let’s discuss how to score in pickleball doubles play.

Key Takeaway: Pickleball scoring follows the same principles as tennis, with a few key differences. Players must call out their serves and alternate hitting after each point in singles play; when playing doubles, teams switch sides every two serves. To keep track of the score accurately, it is essential for players to call “score” after each point and have an official referee or line judge present – alternatively, use an app such as PickScore.

Scoring in Doubles Play

When playing doubles pickleball, it is important to remember that the player who starts on the right side of the pickleball court is considered even. This means they are serving first, and their score will be tracked throughout each round. Players should always declare the type of serve they are employing each time they deliver to keep a record of who has served and what the team’s score is.

Each team will switch positions on the serving side after each round until one team’s score reaches 11 points with a two-point lead over their opponents; they become the winning team. If either opponent misses a serve before switching places with their partner, the starting team serves first and gets an additional point added to their total score for that round. It’s also important to remember where you were standing when starting gameplay to easily figure out scores as rounds progress during your match session.

Doubles scoring is vital, and it’s critical to comprehend how each point gets allocated. With that being said, the singles play follows similar rules but with one key difference: there is no second server.

Scoring in Singles Play

How to score in pickleball singles play is similar to doubles matches, with one major difference – there is no second server. This means that when the receiving team wins a rally, they get to keep the serve and can continue playing to score points until they commit a fault or lose the rally. Rally scoring is important to know.

To start each game, players must decide who will be the first serving player by bouncing the ball before serving; however, it’s important not to touch any part of your body or paddle while doing so.

Once service has been established, players must call out their court serves every time they hit it over the net in order for them to count as points. The player who starts on the right side of the pickleball court is considered even and should always win two consecutive rallies before winning outrightly. Keeping track of the score can be tricky since position changes during gameplay.

Keeping Track of Score

Keeping score in pickleball is an important part of the game. The way to do this is by calling out three numbers – server score followed by receiver score then either 1 or 2 for doubles play indicating which server served last turn (applies only once per turn). This helps keep track of who has scored what and when, allowing for accurate scoring throughout each pickleball game set.

Position changes during gameplay are also essential to keeping track of the score in pickleball. During a match, players must switch positions after every two points have been scored. Keeping up with these position changes can be difficult sometimes, so it’s important to remember who started serving first when starting new rounds throughout each game set.

This also applies in mixed doubles matches where men play pickleball against women or vice versa. This can help make sure that the correct person serves first and keeps the flow of the game going smoothly.

Key Takeaway: Scorekeeping in pickleball is essential to a successful match. Players must call out the server score followed by the receiver score and 1 or 2 for doubles play after each point, as well as switch positions every two points scored – all while keeping an eye on who started serving first. Staying on top of scoring can be tricky, but with some practice, it’ll become second nature.

FAQs in Relation to How to Score in Pickleball

How do you score in pickleball?

Scoring in pickleball is based on the points system. The first team to reach 11 points wins but must win by at least two points. Points are awarded when a player fails to return the ball back or commits a fault ( serving out of bounds).

In doubles play, each side has only one serve, and both players on that side can hit it before they send the ball back over the net; otherwise, no more than three hits per side are allowed before returning it over the net. A point is scored after every successful rally, regardless of which team served last; this is why beginner players must understand rally scoring.

What is traditional scoring in pickleball?

Traditional scoring in pickleball is a point-based system that awards one point for each rally won. The first team to score 11 points and be ahead by at least two wins the game. Achieving 15 points before the other side does is essential to victory in a match, with whichever team reaches that score first taking the win.

To be declared victorious, competitors must win either two out of three or three out of five matches.


Knowing how to score in pickleball can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it does require knowledge of the game’s rules and strategies. Soon, you’ll serve passes and be able to score points with the finesse of a pro! Keeping score in pickleball is essential for advancing your skills. No matter where you are on the learning curve, you can learn for recreational play or professional play.

Try different techniques for winning points and tracking methods that will help keep you motivated along the way. Good luck on the court and don’t forget to leave a review now for a $5 Gift card!

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